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Consular Post Constantinople

Consolato generale e Cancelleria della Legazione di S. M. Sarda in Costantinopoli

  • Consular Post

In 1825 the consular district of Constantinople extends throughout the entire Turkish territory in Asia, starting from Cape Baba, and including the islands of Tenedos and Lemnos, and throughout the entire Turkish territory in Europe up to Kavala, including the island of Thasos. It has as its dependents the vice-consulates of the Dardanelles and Edirne.
In 1835 the consular Division of Constantinople included the districts of Smyrna and Larnaca.
In 1842 the vice-consulate of Bayrouth and the Consulate of Jerusalem became part of the Division of the Consulate General of Constantinople as did the island of Crete.

During the long terms the office was entrusted to:

  • Gaetano Truqui, Consul (1825-1833)
  • Luigi Filippi, Chargé d'affairs (1834)
  • Federico Montiglio di Montiglio, Chargé d'affairs (1835-1837)
  • Domenico Pareto, Chargé d'affairs (1838-1846)
  • Romauldo Tecco, Chargé d'affairs (1846- 1856)

Since 1856 the office was entrusted to a ruling vice-consul