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Non contentious proceedings (4)
  • Administration of private interests
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Implementation of judgments
  • The consul is responsible for implementing the sentences issued by the consular and local courts
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  • Bankruptcies. Files may contain inventories, admission of sums to the liabilities, lists of creditors, balance sheets, reports of profitable entries and of the losses, the deeds relating to the appointment of statutory auditors and their reports, notices in the press.
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Contentious jurisdiction (20)
  • Consul may preside over consular courts under authority given by treaty
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Arbitrations and conciliations
  • Consular authority may be requested to mediate to reach an amicable dispute settlement (conciliation) or to make decisions on a dispute based on evidence presented by parts (arbitrate)
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Institutional relations (7)
  • Correspondence with the main interlocutors of the consul: the institutions at home and local, other consulates, etc.
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Consular authorities - Relations
  • Correspondence with consular authorities
10 0
  • Repatriation of nationals may be ordered due to extreme poverty and/or for reasons of expediency (e.g. public order; return to their country of origin of orphan pupils)
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Protection. Registrations and legal acts
  • The consular officer registers and up-to-dates records of nationals and protected persons residing within their consular jurisdiction (censuses)
  • The consular officer manages the requests of nationality or protection
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Issue of passports and visa
  • Issue and renewal of passports; visas. Registrations
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