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Acts and documents requests 14 0
  • The consul may be called upon to review the judgments of the consular tribunals issued by the dependent consulates or vice-consulates (in the consular district), through the appeal process.
28 0
Appointments, promotions, births and deaths, miscellaneous 0 0
Arbitrations and conciliations
  • Consular authority may be requested to mediate to reach an amicable dispute settlement (conciliation) or to make decisions on a dispute based on evidence presented by parts (arbitrate)
68 0
Assistance to nationals. Financial aid (1)
  • Assistance to nationals may consist of financial aid
  • As part of the supervisory activities on the Merchant Navy, the consul is called to assist captains and sailors and to take care of their repatriation in case of need (illness, shipwrecks, etc.).
  • Funding for National and European hospitals
7 0
  • The auction may be necessary in the context of a bankruptcy proceeding or during a succession; occur as a result of a shipwreck; may be requested by a National
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Awarding of Honours 0 0
Banishments and expulsions 0 0
  • Bankruptcies. Files may contain inventories, admission of sums to the liabilities, lists of creditors, balance sheets, reports of profitable entries and of the losses, the deeds relating to the appointment of statutory auditors and their reports, notices in the press.
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Celebrations of national and local festivities 0 0
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