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Imperiale Regio Consolato generale di Toscana in Roma

  • Consular Post

1815 - The Institution of the Consulate General in Rome of the re-established Grand Duchy of Tuscany dates back to 1 March 1815, when the Secretariat of State in Florence appointed Marquis Filippo Bonadies Consul General in Rome. Bonadies had held the office of the Florentine Nation in Rome since May 1772 and represented the continuity between the ancient consular institution and the modern consular magistracy.

1819 - Bonadies is succeeded by Francesco Pandolfini, "commesso" in the Legation of Tuscany in Rome. The Consul retains his old post in the Legation: in this way the Consul's dependence on the Representation is made clear from the beginning. F. Pandolfini will keep his post at the Legation until 1846.

1853 - On July 1853 Pandolfini dies. On 30 September 1853 the Consulate is abolished. In its place, a consul chancellor was instituted, dependent on the Tuscan Legation. Instead of receiving consular rights, he would receive a salary and enjoy "restricted quarters" in the Palace of Florence. Francesco Pandolfini's son, Rodolfo, succeeded him. The vice-consulate was suppressed (see ASDMAE, LTRm, folder 104, file 34 "Istituzione di un posto di cancelliere console nell'I. e R. Legazione di Toscana in luogo del Consolato soppresso").

The series of succeeding consuls:

  • Filippo Bonadies, Consul General, appointed 1 March 1815, + 3 June 1819
  • Francesco Pandolfini, Consul General, appointed on 15 September 1819. + 1 July 1853